FNA President Presents Farm Profitability Strategies to Farm Leaders in Poland

The President of Farmers of North America (FNA) and FNA-STAG, James Mann, was in Warsaw,
Poland on October 24 – 26, speaking to the bi-annual meeting of North American – European Union
(NA-EU) farm leaders about the issue of providing a better income for farmers. FNA-STAG was
invited to address the conference as a Member of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA),
Canada’s representative at these meetings, because of FNA’s innovative approach to improving farm
The NA-EU meeting includes approximately 200 farm leaders from North America (including Mexico,
U.S. and Canada) and the European Union member-countries. Conference topics at this year’s
conference included climate change, research and innovation at the farm level, agricultural policy
updates, agricultural trade negotiation issues, and how the food supply chain can provide a better
income for farmers.
Mr. Mann’s presentation focused on the insights he has gained from building the FNA farmers
business alliance. He discussed the concentration and lack of competition from companies that
farmers buy inputs from and sell their products to, and the impact this has on farmers’ profit. He also
discussed specific strategies in response to these challenges, which is based on farmers working
together as a business alliance.
“I was pleased to be invited by the conference organizers to speak to this group of international farm
leaders and share a new perspective on farmer empowerment”, comments Mann. “The situations in
other countries all have their unique features, but the struggle to find ways to improve farm
profitability is common to farmers almost everywhere.”
A CFA representative in attendance indicated that the presentation on the FNA farmers’ business
alliance was well-received, and saw many delegates speaking with Mann later in the day.
Mann continues, “I spoke to many of the farm leaders there throughout the conference about our
concept. I think it was an important opportunity to share what we do with other international farm
leaders and explain how the FNA farmers’ business alliance could work as an international farmers’
business alliance.”
For years, farm leaders have tried to work at the WTO and other global forums, advocating the need
for better international competition rules so farmers have more power in the industry on the marketing
side and the input side. Concentration in the upstream and downstream industry threatens farmers around the world and the only way to push back is for the primary production sector to work together
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Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute (FNA-STAG) is a not-for-profit organization
with the single mission of “Improving Farm Profitability.”
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