Government One-for-one Plus One-for-zero A Perfect Fit

Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute (FNA-STAG) is pleased to hear about the
Government of Canada’s recently announced plans to reduce red tape, coming from the
Governments Red Tape Reduction Commission report. The January 20, 2012 announcement
highlighted the Government’s intention to reduce red tape from farm businesses by “requiring the
removal of at least one regulation each time a new one is introduced that imposes administrative
burden on business”. This announcement comes on the heels of a complementary December,
2011 U.S. – Canada border announcement that included possible simultaneous submission and
joint review of pesticide applications in order to facilitate equal access to crop protection products.
The one-for-one announcement on reducing red tape is welcomed, but let’s add another initiative –
one-for-zero. Bob Friesen, CEO of FNA-STAG, adds, “There’s already plenty of unnecessary
regulation that just simply should not be replaced by a new one. While it’s an important step for
Government to commit to ending the increase in regulation, let’s not wait till there’s a new regulation
to get rid of an old one.”

In addition to the one-for-one commitment FNA-STAG is calling for an additional commitment to
remove, eliminate, and do away with, redundant regulation that serves no other purpose than to
keep regulators busy. With a commitment to not compromising health, safety and the environment,
farm groups should do an inventory of regulation that makes Canadian agriculture less competitive
and submit it to government. We support the recent call by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
to do exactly that. The elimination of one without a replacement would increase competitiveness

Primary regulatory targets for the elimination list include efficacy testing for pesticides and certain
fertilizers, as well as the onerous process for generic registration before the product gets to market.
“All three of these examples fall into both initiatives”, explains Friesen. “In the U.S., efficacy testing is not a regulatory requirement and getting a generic registration is much quicker. Facilitating an integrated US-Canada agricultural industry by significantly reducing red tape is finally getting the
attention it deserves”. “This just scratches the surface”, concludes Friesen. “We suspect there are numerous regulations that could be eliminated without replacing them with new ones. And it could easily be done without compromising health, safety and the environment”.
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