Payments Continue as Farmers Scramble to Sell Carbon Credits Before the Approaching Deadline

“You’ve got till the end of the year”, is something a lot of farmers in Alberta are going to be hearing
from Farmers of North America (FNA) this year. The government’s regulated carbon offset system
provides farmers in Alberta the opportunity to sell the carbon offsets they create from no-till production
practices to companies that have not met their emission reduction targets yet.
What happens at the end of the year is that farmers will no longer be able to sell their retroactive
offsets. “Up to now, farmers have been able to include the offsets that they created back to 2002.
The government is saying as of January, 2012, farmers will only be able to do one year at a time”,
says Bob Friesen, CEO of the Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute (FNA-STAG),
who are managing the Carbon Credit Program for FNA.
Since the start of the calendar year, FNA has made payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars to
farmers in Alberta who have participated in their program, however our information tells us there is still
a lot of offsets left to sell. The deadline is approaching very fast and it would be a shame if farmers
didn’t take advantage of this opportunity. “This is real cash to farmers for something they have
already done, and it provides them with an alternative revenue source from their primary farming
activities”, claims Friesen.
“It’s great that farmers can be recognized monetarily for the environmental goods and services they
provide”, adds Friesen. “Now we just have to get a program like this going in Saskatchewan, where
farmers there have been watching and waiting what Alberta farmers have been able to do”.
FNA-STAG urges all farmers in Alberta to contact a credible aggregator about cashing-in on your
carbon credits.
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Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute (FNA-STAG) is a not-for-profit organization
with the single mission of “Improving Farm Profitability.”
For more information contact:
Bob Friesen, CEO: (613) 230-2222 / (613) 852-9711